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A filling is placed to restore missing tooth structure caused by a cavity or trauma to the tooth. There are many different options available for fillings. At Bailey Dental the most common type of filling is called a composite filling. These fillings are tooth colored, durable and look very natural. If restored properly in the office and maintained well at home, they can last a long time. Other options include dental amalgam, glass ionomer, and gold. Each has their own advantages in certain situations.

There is no need to be nervous when having a filling placed. You will be numb during the entire procedure, and should not have any pain once the anesthetic wears off. Dr. Bailey always takes the time to place a topical anesthetic gel on your gums prior to the injection of local anesthetic. This makes the injection near painless! Once you are numb, you can sit back and relax while Dr. Bailey restores your tooth. You can be assured that we are using high grade material and taking the time to do it right the first time so you will have a long lasting restoration.