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Digital Radiography

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Our office uses state of the art digital radiography. The biggest benefit over old-fashioned x-rays is that the digital radiography uses 80% less radiation. Digital radiographic images can be easily viewed on a computer screen almost immediately. The images are stored in the computer and can be compared to future dental radiographs. We can print copies of the dental radiograph and email images to your insurance company, dental specialist or you.

Digital radiography clearly shows decay between teeth or below existing fillings, bone destruction from tooth infections and gum disease, unerupted teeth in both children and adults, developmental abnormalities, tumors and the effects of trauma.

Bailey Dental also uses a digital panorex machine. A panorex machine takes an extra oral (no films or sensors in your mouth) image of your entire jaw and surrounding structures with only one picture. It is very useful in implant and wisdom tooth cases, detecting early pathologies, and can be used on children and people with gag reflexes that are unable to take traditional films.